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Sunday, June 26

True Blood Cupcakes

Here are some cupcakes we made for the Season 4 premier of True Blood.

Sweet and Salty: Sweaty Alcide!  Peanut butter and white chocolate cake with white chocolate chips and pretzel piece then frosted with white chocolate frosting and peanut butter "fur."  Then topped with a chocolate WERE topper.

True Blood cupcakes: Vanilla Bean cake with a bloody berry filling.   Then frosted with vanilla bean frosting and a chocolate TRUE BLOOD topper.

No frosting shots today!  How about some Tru Blood instead? A fresh strawberry and raspberry sauce shooter.

Here are some True Blood cupcakes we made for a special order.

Friday, June 10

Face Painting

We have decided that we should a face painter come down on certain weekends to paint faces for the Crazy Cupcakers!!  Her name is Mandy and is amazing!  She also does make up professionally in addition to face painting.

Tuesday, June 7

Let the voting begin!!!

Here are all of our flavor submissions that we received in our Create Your Own Cupcake Contest.  You have the rest of June to vote, and to get your family and friends to vote.  After the voting is over we will start recipe testing with the top 8 or so that YOU voted for.  You can vote once per flavor per person.  {So you can't do 100 votes for your submission}.  To vote all you need to do is leave a comment with which number you like. {If you have a problem leaving a comment email me your votes}

I suggest picking your top 5 and leaving 5 separate comments for them. Then tell everyone you know to come and vote. Here they are in no particular order: (If you submitted a flavor and I missed it email me or leave me a message on Facebook)

1) The Oreo Cupcake
Oreo cake (dark rich chocolate cake with some Oreos crushed in batter)
Cream cheese filling
White chocolate icing
With crushed Oreos for decoration

2)  The Vols Cupcake
Orange cake
Cream cheese icing then orange flavored icing with a T on top for the UT volunteers

3)  The Crazy
Vanilla Bean cake
White chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips
3 icings swirled or layered white chocolate frosting, Pinkie frosting, and chocolate frosting
Chocolate shavings as toppings (milk and white)

4)  Minty Paradise
Milk Chocolate Cake
Cream cheese and mint icing
With an Ande’s mint to decorate

5) A buttered popcorn flavored cupcake with vanilla frosting and for a
topping white chocolate shavings and a buttered popcorn jelly bean.

6)Bananas Foster cupcake, with banana butter cream frosting.

7) Cherry Lime-aid cupcake-  A Lime cake with cherries baked inside Cherry lime (maybe make it pink) frosting and a cherry and lime on top

8) Sweet Potato-  A sweet potato cupcake with marshmallow butter cream and a candied pecan on top.

9) Peach Blackberry cobbler- A peach coffee cake with blackberry puree as a filling vanilla bean frosting and blackberry and peach on top.

10) Tiramisu Cupcake with a coffee soaked vanilla cake and a sweetened mascarpone cheese frosting.

11) Tangerine Stout- delicious batter with a splash of some really good vanilla stout ale.  
Topped with an awesome citrus Tangerine frosting!  

12) Easter Monkey
a banana flavored cake base with a solid Cadbury creme egg baked inside the cupcake and vanilla
icing with brown sprinkles on top

13) No Bake Cookie Cupcakes
Make no bake cookies into cupcakes and top with a sour cream chocolate frosting or even your peanut butter icing

14) Pomegranate and Champagne
Pomegranate cake with Champagne frosting

15) Captains Booty 
Captain Morgan cake and a delicious caramel/pecan frosting

16) Sunflower Cupcakes
Vanilla cake with a chocolate or raisin center and lemony yellow petals coming down from the center to the edge of the cupcake so there is a beautiful sunflower on the top of the cupcake.
17) Curry cupcakes with coconut icing then rolled in dry coconut flakes and a dried twist of mango on the top

18) Nana Pudding 
 Banana cake with pieces of vanilla wafers topped with a banana pudding frosting

19) Memphis King Banana cake with peanut butter chips and a peanut butter frosting and a banana slice (dried or fresh?) on top 

20) Banana Splits-  Banana cupcake with a strawberry baked in the middle. Vanilla bean frosting and a cherry and chocolate drizzle on top.

21) Pineapple- Pineapple cake with pineapple buttercream and toasted coconut on top.

22) Cherry Coke Float - Chocolate cake with a cherry baked in the middle with whipped vanilla bean frosting topped with a cherry and chocolate drizzle on top.

23) Blackberry Thyme Margaritas
Blackberry Margarita cake with a thyme and lime frosting.  Topped with a fresh blackberry

24) White Gummy Bear
Raspberry and  Lime cake with a peach frosting.  Topped with a White Gummy Bear.

Sunday, June 5

Nautical Party

We had a special order today and she wanted something nautical.  Here's what I came up with: Chocolate Anchors on Strawberry White Chip cakes.