PhotobucketWelcome!!! Thanks for checking out our website. We are the first cupcake bakery in Washington County, TN. If this is your first time to our site you might want to start with the FAQ's.


First time buyer, lifelong fan! This was the first time i ever had your cupcakes and I am totally SOLD!!!! I will never be able to look at cupcakes in the same simplistic mini cakes in paper idea again! Yours are INCREDIBLE and are not just a slice of a grocery store cake in fancy paper....yours are a DREAM COME TRUE!!!! If my family and I going to splurge on the calorie front its not going to be doughnuts, ice cream, or gelato, it's gonna be right there with YOU! thank you thank you thank you!!!!  ~Maryam
 OMG!!! My new favorite is the raspberry cream!! The best cupcake I have EVER tasted!!!  ~Sue
 You guys did such a wonderful job on my red velvet w/cream cheese icing ladybug cupcakes....they were absolutely DE-LISH!!!!  ~Micah
Thank you soooo much!!! You made our day for going above and beyond and looking for us to come by again.  That was our first cupcake and it wont be our last :)  ~Amber
 Took the peanut butter dream ones to Knoxville on Saturday and they are a big hit along with the blackberry ones!   : )  ~Lisa
LOVED the GRAPEFRUIT cupcake today. People need to show that one some love, because it's fresh, citrus crisp with a sweet cream cheese icing finish.  ~Lori
I had your vanilla and peanut butter cupcake yesterday and the strawberry lemonade one thing I have eaten in a LONG time! Thank you!!!!  ~Katelyn
Just got home from our first trip to The Crazy Cupcake. Nice people running the business and the best cupcakes ever!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!  ~Jennifer
I am so glad you are in Jonesborough, you have an awesome business and delicious cupcakes!!!!!!!!  ~Debbie
These are the best Cupcakes ever! The Winfield's are a pleasure to interact with and offer a great product with fresh ingredients!  ~Miriam
 We love the Crazy Cupcake! From stopping in to pick up a treat, to cupcakes for our special events, we are always amazed at the creativity..and moreover the taste and quality of the ingredients you use! Your cupcakes are always amazing!  ~Brandi
I have eaten in a lot of cupcake shops, but I have to say I am truly impressed with The Crazy Cupcake.. I like buying something that tastes better then I can make, and they got that down pat :) I am more impressed then with the ones I went in Seattle, WA.   ~Katy