PhotobucketWelcome!!! Thanks for checking out our website. We are the first cupcake bakery in Washington County, TN. If this is your first time to our site you might want to start with the FAQ's.

Friday, December 31

Special Order

We had a special order for a dozen of our Cloud cupcakes.  Here they are packaged and ready to be picked up.  Happy Birthday from us at The Crazy Cupcake and hope you enjoyed both the cupcakes and your birthday.

Thursday, December 30

Happy New Years Eve Eve!!

We are taking New Years orders until tomorrow at 10 am.  They will be available for pick up tomorrow afternoon and evening at the shop.  A dozen of our mini cupcakes is $9 and a dozen of the regular sized cupcakes is $20.   Send us an email at {or call 423-753-7335} to place an order.  We wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve Baking

DJ and the kids have been baking up a storm today.  They made Vanilla Cupcakes with Peanut Butter chips and then I made a Peanut Butter frosting.  They got another peanut butter chip right on top.  Yum!!  They turned out great and might make their way on to the menu!!

Thursday, December 23

Special Orders

We have received a lot of questions about if we are doing special orders for the holidays and the answer is YES!!  We would like 48 hours advanced notice from when you want to pick them up {if you need them sooner you can call 423 753-7335 and we'll see what we can do} and you can email your request to us at  Just make sure to include the following info:

~ Your name and contact phone number
~ Kind of cupcakes (Check out our Menu for flavors)
~ Size: Regular or Mini
~ When you would like to pick up your order include time and date {All orders can be picked up at the shop}

When I receive your email I will email you back with our price and any questions I may have.  And that's it!!  Cash payment is due at time of pick up. Thank You and Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 12

Christmas Parade

Last night was so much fun!!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and we look forward to seeing you in the new year when we open.  We got to meet tons of new people and they got to sample our cupcakes and check out the {empty} shop.  We made 6 varieties of cupcakes to sample: Bacon or Sausage Pancakies, Weenie Cakes, our chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting, Pinkie and the Cloud.

The kids loved the parade.  They had a lot of fun.  And they loved talking to everyone.  We hope everyone else had as good of time as we did.

Friday, December 10

Jonesborough Christmas Events

What are you doing tomorrow night? Downtown Jonesborough is hosting a Christmas parade and At Home with Santa event.  Children and parents will enjoy visits with Santa, games, activities, crafts and carriage rides. A Santa Mart is available with volunteers to help children buy and wrap surprise gifts for family members. 

The parade route is as follows: all floats and vehicles will leave the Middle School and progress down 11-E headed West in a closed lane. Vehicles will then turn left onto Boone Street where the walking entries will be fed into the parade lineup. All parade traffic will then move down Boone Street then turn right onto Main Street. {Hey that will be right in front of our shop!!} The parade will end at Washington Avenue where traffic will turn right, then right again onto 11-E. Parade starts at 6 pm.

The Storytelling Center will also been telling Holiday stories at 7:00 and 7:30 pm (limit 95 people per time slot.)

~*~*~We will be handing out free samples from 4:30 until 7 pm (or as long as we have people to chat with).   Make sure to stop by and get a sneak peek at the shop and eat some yummy cupcakes!!~*~*~

Monday, November 22

We have a location!!!

After looking for a couple of months we finally found the perfect home for our shop!!  And it is in... JONESBOROUGH!! Where we already live and the kids go to school.  We were interested in a couple places in Johnson City but they already had letters of intent or the agent didn't answer the phone.  But we went and looked at our place and met the owner and the property manager (both of whom are really nice) and we decided that was it.  Our address is 135 East Main in historic downtown Jonesborough, TN. Yay!!

Friday, October 15

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes!!!

I made an awesome pumpkin pie cupcake!!  The funny thing is that I don't even like pumpkin pie but DJ wanted me to make some (we got a Pumpkin Spice doughnut from Krispy Kreme and it was spice-y not pumpkin-y) so that's what I did.  They are tender and moist with the perfect balance of spice and pumpkin.  I was thinking of making a vanilla cream cheese frosting.  But DJ asked "What do you put on pumpkin pie?" "Nothing cause I don't eat pumpkin pie." "Duh cool whip!!"  So he wants me to make a really soft whipped cream frosting for these babies.  (On a side note, I frosted these with the leftover caramel frosting and it was awesome!!!)  I will post some pictures asap!

Tuesday, October 12

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Today is my hubby's 33rd birthday.  So of course I had to make him some cupcakes.  When i asked him what kind he decided on Pecan Pie. Well a friend of mine was moving recently and let me go "shopping" in her fridge so I had a huge bag of pecans in the freezer.  So I decided that I would chop them up and candy them and them put 1 cup of the nuts into my brown sugar cupcakes. Well DJ walks in while I am chopping them and asks "What are you doing with those walnuts?" REALLY?!!?? That's pretty sad that I don't know the difference between pecans and walnuts.

I decided that for the frosting I would make a butter cream and mix in some of the caramel filling from the Samoa Girl Scouts Cupcakes to make a lightly caramel flavored frosting.  This is the best frosting I have ever tasted!!!!!  No joke.  It is amazing and I have to keep myself from eating it by the spoonful.

The cupcakes did not taste like pecan pie by any stretch of the imagination, but they are very good.  I frosted them with the caramel frosting and then drizzled some plain caramel and more chopped "pecans" or walnuts on top.  They are very good and will most likely end up on the menu.  Now I just need to think of a "nutty" name.

~~~ Edited: All that and they were PECANS!!!! LOL ~~~

Sunday, October 3

Cupcakes for a Cause!

For my class Exceptional Learners we have to do 10 hours of service learning at a place or school that helps kids with special needs.  I am doing my 10 (well it will be way over 10) hours at a place called Small Miracles.  From their website: "Small Miracles is a nonprofit corporation founded through love to enhance the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth of individuals with special needs through equine-assisted activities."  
So they help kids develop skills by riding and helping to take care of the horses.  It is an amazing program that is mostly ran with the help of the volunteers.

They are having a fundraiser today at Bristol Motor Speedway (you Nascar fans know where that is...LOL) called the Miracle Mile.  They are having people get sponsors to sponsor them as they run around the race track and help raise money for their program.  I am donating 104 cupcakes.  I made blackberry, strawberry & white chocolate, and vanilla bean with a vanilla bean frosting (all minis for easier eating).  I am also volunteering to photograph the whole event.  Here are the pictures of the cupcakes:

Monday, September 27

Berry Berry Sweet!

We are perfecting recipes that we want on the menu and tonight we made Strawberry & White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes!!  We decided that we will offer cupcakes in 2 sizes:  Mini and Regular.  Today we decided to make them mini!  They are so yummy.  I could seriously eat 10 as I am taking them out of the pan!


Then we decided to continue with the berry theme and made some Mini Blackberry Cupcakes.  These are great for breakfast.  My daughter hardly ever eats breakfast but if we have some of these made, she will eat a couple before heading to school!  We use the same batter as the Strawberry & White Chocolate so it is simple to just change the fruit we add.  I am sure simple will make bakery & cafe life a lot easier!!

Wednesday, September 15

We are official...

I bought my first domain name!!!  We are now !!!! We decided to stay with Blogger for now, for hosting, because it is meeting all our needs right now.  Who knows what we will need in the future but until then free hosting sounds good to me!!!

Saturday, September 11

Recipe Testing with Chocolate Caramel

If you saw the other day we made Caramel Apple Cupcakes.  The apple cupcakes were super but we didn't really like the caramel on top (neither DJ or I are really big into caramel apples themselves so that might explain it.).  So we made our classic vanilla cupcake batter and decided to melt chocolate and add it to the caramel and then put a dollop in the middle of the cupcakes before we baked them.  They are so GOOD!!! But next time we want to let the caramel cool a little more before putting in.  You can see in the picture how the caramel kind of oozed out of the top.  But they sure taste good!

Friday, September 10

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

I just got my Rachael Ray magazine and what should be inside? A yummy looking recipe for caramel apple cupcakes.  I had to try them.  They were kind of time consuming because I had to peel and shred 3 small apples.  That took a while and I kept shredding my knuckles.  LOL The caramel was really easy to make you melt 1 1/2 cups caramel candies and then add a tablespoon heavy cream.  The cupcakes are the BEST apple cupcake ever (she even said that in the article) but I am not a fan of the caramel on top.  I think I would rather have made my own caramel.  I will have to try that next time!

Wednesday, September 8

Recipe Testing

Today we are making chocolate coffee cupcakes with a chocolate coffee frosting.  They are so yummy.  They have the perfect mix of chocolate and coffee.  And they look beautiful!!!

Wednesday, September 1


I am so excited!  My hubby and I have decided we want to open a cafe and bakery.  We live in Jonesborough, TN and are looking for a location somewhere nearby.  I plan to blog all the steps we take in opening or business.  Thanks for reading and joining us on our exciting journey!!