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Saturday, August 13

The 1st Annual Create Your own Cupcake Contest

And the votes have been counted.  Drum roll please....... The winner is #4 Peach and Blackberry Cobbler submitted by Tara M.  She wins a 6 pack of her flavor cupcakes and she gets to name them!!  Thanks to everyone who submitted flavors, everyone who voted and everyone who came down and tasted the samples!!  See you again next summer!

Thursday, August 11


This morning when DJ came down to the shop to open, he noticed we had a message on the answering machine.  Not all the unusual until he listened to the message!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember a week or to ago when I jokingly posted about emailing Cupcake Wars?  Well guess what??  THEY CALLED!!!!!!  They received the following email and LOVED it.  

Hello Cupcake Wars!

I love the show Cupcake Wars and DVR it when I can't watch it. I know of a local cupcakery that would be perfect for your show!  The Crazy Cupcake in Jonesborough, TN.    

The Crazy Cupcake would be a great contender on Cupcake Wars. I have to say that I, myself, love sweets, especially cupcakes but am never really sold on cupcakes I eat from stores or bakeries. I heard about The Crazy Cupcake in Historic Jonesborough and thought it would be a cute place to visit with my mom one afternoon. We went. It was amazing. I ordered the Cinna-Monster and it was delicious! Just the right amount of cinnamon and cake combination. I took a bite and immediately melted. The cake was so good, the texture was smooth and airy, but with beautiful flavor. Since then, I have been back many times and have not yet met a cupcake I didn't love. I raved about these cupcakes so much to my cousin that she demanded I bring her some when we went to a wedding together 8 hours away! One of my favorite flavors is Choco-Latte. The frosting on that cake is smooth but with little chunks of chocolate that just melt in your mouth! I would love to see The Crazy Cupcake on your show, and honestly, I think it would be your honor to have them!

Now we have to make a 3-5 minute audition video by Monday!  I will post the video sometime tomorrow.  Tim Flannigan is  a professional videographer and he graciously offered to film us tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 10

Better with Bacon.

At least that is what they tell me, so I added bacon {candied bacon to be exact} to our chocolate cupcake and then frosted it with a kicked up chocolate frosting and a piece of candied bacon to finish it off! I can say that this is one food that is Better with Bacon!

Sunday, August 7

Create Your Own Cupcake Contest!! Final Vote

OK so who's creation should make it on our menu?  Leave a comment below with the number of your choice.  Only 1 vote per person please!!

1. Tiramisu Cupcake- with a coffee soaked vanilla cake and a sweetened mascarpone cheese frosting.

2. Cherry Coke Float- Chocolate cake with a cherry baked in the middle with whipped vanilla bean frosting topped with a cherry and chocolate drizzle on top.

3. The Oreo Cupcake- Oreo cake (dark rich chocolate cake with some Oreos crushed in batter), Oreo cream filling, white chocolate frosting and crushed oreos on top.

4. Peach Blackberry Cobbler- A peach coffee cake with blackberry puree as a filling vanilla bean frosting and blackberry and peach on top.

5. Sweet Potato- A sweet potato cupcake with marshmallow butter cream and a candied pecan on top.

6. Cherry Lime-aid- A Lime cake with cherries baked inside Cherry lime (maybe make it pink) frosting and a cherry and lime on top

7. The Crazy- Vanilla Bean cake White chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips 3 icings swirled or layered white chocolate frosting, Pinkie frosting, and chocolate frosting

8. The Memphis King Banana- Banana cake with peanut butter chips and a peanut butter frosting and a banana slice (dried or fresh?) on top.

You have until Friday 8/12 to vote.  The winner will be announced Saturday!!!!

Out N About Magazine

We were featured in the free magazine Out N About!  Here is the article in case you missed it!!  We are near the end on page 36.

Wednesday, August 3

Cupcake Wars

You know how when you are finished eating a Crazy Cupcake and you get all starry eyed and then you turn to me and say, "You should go on Cupcake Wars!" Well if you think that then send an email to with
our Name, The Crazy Cupcake and location, Jonesborough, TN
our web address,{}
and why you think we would be AWESOME on the show!!
I would love to read your emails so if you don't mind, please forward them to  Thanks!!