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Monday, September 27

Berry Berry Sweet!

We are perfecting recipes that we want on the menu and tonight we made Strawberry & White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes!!  We decided that we will offer cupcakes in 2 sizes:  Mini and Regular.  Today we decided to make them mini!  They are so yummy.  I could seriously eat 10 as I am taking them out of the pan!


Then we decided to continue with the berry theme and made some Mini Blackberry Cupcakes.  These are great for breakfast.  My daughter hardly ever eats breakfast but if we have some of these made, she will eat a couple before heading to school!  We use the same batter as the Strawberry & White Chocolate so it is simple to just change the fruit we add.  I am sure simple will make bakery & cafe life a lot easier!!

Wednesday, September 15

We are official...

I bought my first domain name!!!  We are now !!!! We decided to stay with Blogger for now, for hosting, because it is meeting all our needs right now.  Who knows what we will need in the future but until then free hosting sounds good to me!!!

Saturday, September 11

Recipe Testing with Chocolate Caramel

If you saw the other day we made Caramel Apple Cupcakes.  The apple cupcakes were super but we didn't really like the caramel on top (neither DJ or I are really big into caramel apples themselves so that might explain it.).  So we made our classic vanilla cupcake batter and decided to melt chocolate and add it to the caramel and then put a dollop in the middle of the cupcakes before we baked them.  They are so GOOD!!! But next time we want to let the caramel cool a little more before putting in.  You can see in the picture how the caramel kind of oozed out of the top.  But they sure taste good!

Friday, September 10

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

I just got my Rachael Ray magazine and what should be inside? A yummy looking recipe for caramel apple cupcakes.  I had to try them.  They were kind of time consuming because I had to peel and shred 3 small apples.  That took a while and I kept shredding my knuckles.  LOL The caramel was really easy to make you melt 1 1/2 cups caramel candies and then add a tablespoon heavy cream.  The cupcakes are the BEST apple cupcake ever (she even said that in the article) but I am not a fan of the caramel on top.  I think I would rather have made my own caramel.  I will have to try that next time!

Wednesday, September 8

Recipe Testing

Today we are making chocolate coffee cupcakes with a chocolate coffee frosting.  They are so yummy.  They have the perfect mix of chocolate and coffee.  And they look beautiful!!!

Wednesday, September 1


I am so excited!  My hubby and I have decided we want to open a cafe and bakery.  We live in Jonesborough, TN and are looking for a location somewhere nearby.  I plan to blog all the steps we take in opening or business.  Thanks for reading and joining us on our exciting journey!!