PhotobucketWelcome!!! Thanks for checking out our website. We are the first cupcake bakery in Washington County, TN. If this is your first time to our site you might want to start with the FAQ's.


We are always experimenting and adding new items.
So check back regularly for new flavors. 


CinnaMonster: Cinnamon cake with cinnamon chips and a cinnamon sugar crumble                     
                               dipped in a vanilla glaze

Blackberry: Vanilla-bean cake with fresh blackberries 

Strawberry White Chip: Vanilla-bean cake with chunks of fresh strawberries  
                                                 and white chocolate chips

Apple Coffee Cake: Yummy cinnamon coffee cake baked with chunks of fresh apples,
                                        topped with cinnamon sugar crumbles and a brown sugar drizzle

Choco-Latte: Chocolate cake and coffee combine to make this perfect cup{cake}of joe

Spotted: Vanilla-bean cake with chocolate chips

Cosmo: Just like the drink: Cranberry. Orange, and Lime in both the cake and the frosting.

PB & C : Peanut butter cake with chocolate chips

Pinkie: Strawberry cake made with fresh strawberry puree and frosted with strawberry

The Cloud: Vanilla-bean cake topped with a vanilla-bean buttercream frosting

Chocolate: Chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream

Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin spice cake frosted with a whipped cream frosting

Grim Reaper: Chocolate cake with chocolate chips frosted with chocolate mousse

Smores Chocolate cake baked on a graham cracker bottom and frosted with a
                   marshmallow buttercream frosting

Apple Onion: Chunks of fresh apples and caramelized onions in a spice cake.  Frosted with a
                            goat cheese frosting.

Red Velvet: Traditional Red Velvet cake frosted with a smooth cream cheese frosting.

Grapefruit: A light and fluffy cake infused with grapefruit juice and zest.  Frosted with a cream
                        cheese frosting

Plain Jane: Vanilla-bean cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting

Purple Berries:  Blackberry Cake and Blackberry frosting made with fresh blackberry puree

Blackberries and Cream:  Vanilla bean cake with a whole blackberry baked in, vanilla cream
                                                   frosting and blackberry puree and a whole blackberry on top.

Raspberry and Cream:  Vanilla bean cake with a whole raspberry baked in, vanilla cream
                                                frosting and raspberry puree and a whole raspberry on top.

Raspberry Mocha:    Our Choco-Latte cake with a Raspberry frosting

Key Lime:   A key lime cake made with fresh Key Lime juice and zest and topped with a key
                      lime infused whipped cream.

Almond Joy:  A chocolate cake with a coconut cream filling is frosted with chocolate frosting 
                             and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

 Carrot cake:   A spice cake made with freshly grated carrots and candied walnuts is frosted 
                            with cream cheese frosting.

Double Chocolate:  Chocolate cake with white chocolate chips, frosted with white chocolate 
                                        frosting and a chocolate drizzle.

Daytime Sweet & Salty:  White Chocolate and Peanut butter cake with white chocolate chips 
                                            and pretzel pieces.  Then it gets both white chocolate and peanut butter
                                             frosting and more pretzel pieces.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries:   Chocolate cake with a halved strawberry baked inside.  
                                           Then frosted with chocolate frosting, a strawberry slice and a chocolate 

Strawberry Lemonade:  A Meyer lemon cake with a strawberry puree swirl on top is frosted 
                                            with a strawberry and lemon zest frosting.

Chocolate Caramel:   Chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling and salted caramel frosting.

Chocolate Stout:  Chocolate cake is mixed with a dark stout from Depot Street Brewery and 
                                   then topped with a chocolate stout ganache.

Peanut Butter Dream: Vanilla-bean cake with peanut butter chips and frosted with a peanut
                                              butter frosting

Nuts Over Chocolate: Chocolate cake with peanut butter chips frosted with peanut
                                             butter frosting and topped with chopped peanuts for the perfect salty

Bond James Bond: Chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips, vanilla cream frosting and
                                          chocolate frosting.

Tutti Fruitti:  Cranberry, Orange, and Lime cake with a vanilla frosting.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Traditional Pineapple Upside down cupcake with a Pineapple
                                                         Caramel topping.  Served upside down in a new cupcake liner.

Boston Cream: Vanilla bean cake with a vanilla pastry cream filling and topped with a
                             chocolate ganache.

Rocky Road: Chocolate cake with marshmallows baked in, marshmallow and peanut butter

White Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate cake with white chocolate chips and a whole
                                                          raspberry baked inside.  Frosted with a white chocolate frosting
                                                          and topped with a whole raspberry.

The Firecracker: Spicy chocolate cake with a mildly spicy chocolate frosting.  Topped with Pop  


The Original Pancakies (Don't be fooled by imitations): Maple and Brown Sugar cake baked with
                                  either a sausage or piece of  bacon

Pizza: Savory cake with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Topped with
              a homemade tomato "frosting"

The Club: Savory cake with bacon, turkey, and cheese

Cheeseburger: Savory cake with chunks of cheeseburger, pickles and more.

Weenie Cakes: Savory cake baked with mini weenie sausages {tastes like Pigs in a Blanket}

Corned Beef and Cabbage:  Can't get more traditional Irish than corned beef and cabbage.