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Tuesday, October 12

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Today is my hubby's 33rd birthday.  So of course I had to make him some cupcakes.  When i asked him what kind he decided on Pecan Pie. Well a friend of mine was moving recently and let me go "shopping" in her fridge so I had a huge bag of pecans in the freezer.  So I decided that I would chop them up and candy them and them put 1 cup of the nuts into my brown sugar cupcakes. Well DJ walks in while I am chopping them and asks "What are you doing with those walnuts?" REALLY?!!?? That's pretty sad that I don't know the difference between pecans and walnuts.

I decided that for the frosting I would make a butter cream and mix in some of the caramel filling from the Samoa Girl Scouts Cupcakes to make a lightly caramel flavored frosting.  This is the best frosting I have ever tasted!!!!!  No joke.  It is amazing and I have to keep myself from eating it by the spoonful.

The cupcakes did not taste like pecan pie by any stretch of the imagination, but they are very good.  I frosted them with the caramel frosting and then drizzled some plain caramel and more chopped "pecans" or walnuts on top.  They are very good and will most likely end up on the menu.  Now I just need to think of a "nutty" name.

~~~ Edited: All that and they were PECANS!!!! LOL ~~~

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